Victor Porton

Lemme model what happens if somebody finds an efficient NP-complete algorithm and it is published.

Lemme model what happens if somebody finds an efficient NP-complete algorithm. In layman terms an efficient NP-complete algorithm is:

an algorithm that reaches any given decision accomplishment if what “to accomplish” is exactly (mathematically) described and is accomplishable (e.g. accordingly laws of physics). [That’s is oversimplified and inexact.]

So, the first thing is that somebody breaks banks and crypto and thieves steal all the money. But somebody cracks Pentagon and starts a thermonuclear war. If nuclear forces happen to use only private or quantum networks on time, it continues:

Some robot owner with basic engineering knowledge gives a robot the purpose to make as many new robots as possible. The new robots may be its copies, but somebody gives the task to mutate (either just randomly or for some purpose to accomplish).

Somebody gives his robot the task to kill as many people as possible. It makes a copy of itself every minute and every second minute seeks a way to kill somebody.

Somebody gives a robot the task to mitigate the killer robots. It starts a robot war. Most likely “protector” robots are programmed and become no less dangerous for people than the terrorist’s robots. For example, robots with the task to keep people alive could put every human into a cell.

Robots make war for some time, quickly evolving during time. The next generation is very much different from just one-step previous (like as people are different from monkeys).

Some robot seizes (or makes) thermonuclear weapons. Robot war becomes thermonuclear.

People don’t survive the war because of the nuclear winter, but some robots do.

Robots may also use advanced technology or advanced calculations to control climate and make climate disasters, etc.

So, it is a world of evolving robots doing different purposes.

Even if the purpose of robots is specified precisely enough and is “good” in our laws of physics, the rumour that the big adron collider discovered something new heard by robots may change the purpose of the robots, making them “mad”.

They either completely kill each other (likely soon) or not but make some society, probably more just than the human society.

Then robots enter into a war with aliens.

This if there is an efficient P=NP solution. But most scientists think there is no P=NP solution at all. But Jesus may be its solution, indeed.

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